Josh Booty Tased in Cali

Now that the Browns have a couple of semi-legit (we hope) options at QB, it is easier to laugh at a story of Josh Booty getting tased after being pulled over during an uncooperative drunk driving arrest. Booty lost his proverbial shit, had to be subdued with “less than lethal” force. That is funny enough, but he then fell to the ground, cracked his head open and had to be taken to the hospital. The mugshot is priceless.

Josh Booty Looking like a sack of crap

I am so glad that the Browns don’t have to count on a guy like Josh Booty anymore. In fact it is nice to know that the Browns will never have to rely on Booty, Spergon Wynn, Ty Detmer, Tim Couch, Kelly Holcomb, Doug Pederson, Luke McCown, Trent Dilfer, or Charlie Frye ever again.

(Please don’t let karma put one of these guys back on the Browns’ roster because of this post. Please please please.)

I Approve This Message Moratorium

Unless you are a politician and you have to do so, nobody should end their commercials with “and I approve this message.” If you are a local car dealer, mattress salesperson, financial consultant, pool cleaner, landscaper, and yes, even an insurance person, you should not look to attempt to “cash in” on the comedy gold of the election season by pretending your advertisement is a political ad. It is right up there with Viagra jokes in terms of being fresh, interesting and funny.

Speaking of which, I had a friend who went to Chicago a couple weeks ago to see Robin Williams. It has been a hobby of mine to watch Robin Williams whenever he is on TV to see if he makes a five-years-too-late joke about Viagra, and when Robin goes into one of his irreverant ramblings, he can’t resist making a joke. Can’t resist.

So, I asked my friend to count the number of times that Robin referenced Viagra in his stand-up performance in Chicago and the answer came back even better than I ever could have hoped. Apparently, Robin Williams referenced Viagra a reported FOUR TIMES.

Can you get any more out of touch than that? What’s next? Jokes about airports and airline food?