Brady Quinn Part of Rowdy Group Insulting Gays?

According to an article on, Brady Quinn was a part of a crowd outside of a bar in Columbus during New Years festivities.

On the 9-1-1 call, Harris said that “Brady Quinn from the Browns” was “trying to cause a fight.” Harris told the operator, “I just walked outside and he exchanged many profanities with me and called me a faggot, of course.”

Anyway, so what is the deal with this whole thing? The answer is that nobody except those who were there on the night that it happened have any idea.

The bottom line is this. Brady Quinn used good judgment in stopping any kind of fight when the cops got there. No matter what he did wrong prior to that point will probably never ever be an issue because he was smart enough to not get arrested. Or, maybe he was just famous enough to not get arrested. Either way, this was a potentially ugly situation and since it is mid-February and we are just hearing about it now, means that it probably isn’t that big of a story.

Also, when it comes to slurs, I will say this. You shouldn’t use them as we all know. Still, when you get into a fight that is escalating and you are looking to throw a punch at someone, most situations I have ever seen have had slurs thrown around. Drunk guys who want to fight each other will always say offensive things about each other. These two guys want to bash each other’s brains out, so why wouldn’t they want to go and insult the very foundations of the people they are?

And I won’t get into it in depth here, but isn’t this why the “hate crime” laws are a bit scary? When I think of a hate crime, I think of a lynching or something pre-meditated where there is a 3 on 1 ratio of attackers to victims with clear racial implications. A bunch of drunk people in the parking lot of a couple of bars and restaurants resulting in a one-on-one fight, even with a slur thrown out of some sort, doesn’t sound like a hate crime to me.

Anyway, I don’t have to worry about it because I have talked my way out of every fight I ever could have potentially been in.

When someone says, “Yo, I will kick your ass.” I usually say, “OK. So what? You probably would.”

So, the bottom line is this. We don’t know what Brady Quinn said, any more than we know what this dude who called 9-1-1 actually said. It is hearsay at best. Quinn and his boys didn’t get arrested. That is the end of it and Quinn should probably do his best to avoid situations like this one ever again.

The real surprising quote from the article is this.